Second Advisory Board meeting in Brussels, Belgium

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Second Advisory Board meeting in Brussels, Belgium

Date: 2012-01-24

The second Advisory Board meeting was held in combination with the sixth steering committee meeting, on January 24 2012. The status of the project was reported by the coordinator and the work package leaders. The accompanying slides can be consulted below.

Main conclusions:

The members of the Advisory Board recognized the good progress and the quality of the work performed within the ENETRAP II 7FP project.

Main issues put forward were:

  • The importance of involvement of the regulator in this work is stressed several times.
  • The use of the ECVET philosophy (key attention to competences, defining learning outcomes and setting up learning agreements) is acknowledged to be the way forward.
  • An overall information exchange and collaboration where possible between ENETRAP II and all parties represented in the Advisory Board is encouraged in order to avoid parallel work and to really achieve harmonization in practice.
  • Future work should focus on closing the ECVET loop and on preparing guidelines for implementation of RPE and RPO E&T, if possible in parallel with the MPE guidelines, and taking into account the timing of other working groups and the European Basic Safety Standards revision.

Selection of slides presented:

General project presentation 

Work package 2 - Requirements and methodology for the recognition of RPE

Work package 7 - Development of some course material examples 

Work package 8 - Organisation and evaluation of pilot modules